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Many Hands is a safe, discreet peer-to-peer mentoring service for students studying with our seven partner institutions, in particular mature students, Black, Asian or ethnic minority students, or those studying creative subjects. We will match you with someone on our trained team of Mentors, from across our partners, who has been on a similar life journey, or faced similar challenges, and can help you to be at your best while studying.

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Do you have what it takes to help a fellow student in need of support? Do you have great listening skills? Can you commit to mentor training and ongoing, flexible support for mentees? If this is you, come on in! Talk to us if you need help sourcing a phone/laptop, or a private space to hold your mentoring conversations.

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MANY HANDS is a supportive programme aimed at maintaining a positive student mental wellbeing in Higher education. By recognising and utilising your own valuable personal life experiences, you can help students tackle triggers such as isolation, low confidence and common emotional issues.

Our community of 100 peer mentors are matched with students from across our 7 partner colleges through our state-of-the-art digital platform. In addition to contributing to student wellbeing across England, you will develop mentoring communication and other transferable skills that will benefit your future employability.